#StopCovid ua Report

What was the project’s problem statement?

Fighting COVID pandemy became a cruicial challenge to the world and our country. Solving on it required the best possible collaboration, which wasn't there due to

  • lack of trust and connection between the private & public sector

  • distorted information flows and mixed public attitude

  • overlap in the same work done by many groups simultaneously

  • a bunch of coordination centers emerged, that weren't in contact between each other

  • some region didn't even had visible coordination centers

What was the project’s proposed solution?

Through the effort of volunteers from the creative economy, we created an open coordination center "StopCovid UA". It relied on similar practices from the analogical global movements like endcoronavirus.org to open up all available information on coronavirus, planned or maintained projects and transparent coordination mechanisms around identified problems.

The ecosystem relied on

  • public wiki

  • website and various social media

  • telegram and discord chats

  • public registries

  • regular open conference calls

  • informal community practices

Who was the target audience?

  • Medical staff & hospitals

  • Elder people and other vulnerable groups

  • Creative volunteers (entrepreneurs, marketers, translators, phycologists etc)

  • NGOs

  • Businesses

  • Citizens

Around when did the project start? About how long did it last?

Mar 12 – ongoing and extended to the Impact UA Ecosystem since June

What actions/activities did your Hub take?

Coordination of

  • Development of the IT infrastructure (several tech projects helping anticovid effort)

  • The supplies to elders and hospitals in 3 city hubs

  • Media campaigns on the appropriate behaviour with public fact checking

  • Volunteer engagement

  • Various fundraising efforts

  • Translation of the medical protocols and equipment instruction

  • Psychological help for doctors, volunteers and people in lockdown

  • Transporation of the medical staff living out of the city

  • Cross-project collaboration

  • Project leads education and mentoring

What kind of impact did these actions/activities had on the target population? If you can, try to answer specific questions like:

How many people did your Hub reach through the project directly and indirectly?

  • 1M+ views with the support of 100+ media

  • 400+ volunteers engaged from 13 cities

  • $30k+ raised

  • 100k+ people 60+ y.o. who got supplies

  • Primary hospitals in 3 regions

  • 20+ organizations engaged including city councils, national health service, NGOs

How many people participated in the project?

Engaged Global Shapers:

  1. Max Semenchuk

  2. Dim Zarazhaevsky

  3. Uliana Avtonomova

  4. Fedir Serdyuk

  5. Anastasiya Klysakova

  6. Yelizaveta Demydenko

  7. Sviatoslav Sviatnenko

  8. Yuliya Tychkivska

Huge thanks to all the leaders who helped this effort!

As well as over 30 advisors from other countries who supported us

How many people are still benefiting from the project today?

The network of ~5000 specialists is being developed under the Impact ua ecosystem with the focus on achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals.


For more details contact Max Semenchuk max.semenchuk@gmail.com telegram: maxsemenchuk

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