Impact UA
SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities
SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
16 peace justice and strong institutions
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Mars Colonization


    Максим Поляков
    Impact Earth
    Impact Mars
    Надо придумать где людям жить
    У Аарона есть космос сообщество
    Inscience есть контакт с украинцем из НАСА
      The Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates and nothing rests. ...
      The Law of Relativity. The Law of Relativity states that nothing is what it is until you relate it to something. ...
      The Law of Cause and Effect. ...
      The Law of Polarity. ...
      The Law of Rhythm. ...
      The Law of Gestation. ...
      The Law of Transmutation.
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